Relay for Life LEAD Team

For my LEAD team as a freshman in the Leader Advancement Cohort, I was put on the Relay for Life team, which was led by CMU Junior, Cameron Wilson. The big event was Central Michigan University’s Relay for Life, and we spent the entire year fundraising for the Leadership Institute’s team! Not only did we raise money in general, but we put on a fundraising dinner that was birthday party themed! The team consisted of mostly freshman, with some other upperclassmen. We ended up raising a total of over $2,800! It was the most money that the Relay for life Team had ever raised, and I am very proud to say that I was a part of that. IMG_3065

From my LEAD team experience, I would definitely say that I gained many new event management skills, which correlates with leadership development. All of our meetings, which were very frequent (Tuesday nights at 8:30 in Down Under Food Court) involved planning for either our fundraising dinner or the Relay for Life event altogether. Having to figure out the logistics of each event and making sure that each member of the team was on the same page definitely took some work. Having two large events involved setting up work shifts, buying of materials, transportation, communication skills, etc.  It was a learning process and we all worked together as LEADers.

Now that I have my first year on a LEAD team under my belt, I can honestly say that I have become a better leader as an outcome of this. I have now contemplated even switching my minor to event FullSizeRender(14)management! Also, in the future, even if I am not on this LEAD team, I will take the initiative to help them out because I have such a passion for this organization. I have created a passion for wanting to play a role in all LEAD teams, and possibly serve on the board for the LEAD teams. I had a positive experience that allowed to learn leadership, create friendships, and help an amazing cause!