Psychology Class: My Daily Dose of Disney Music

As a freshman in the Leadership Advancement Cohort, I am required to take a psychology class called PSY 100L with Professor Prewett. The Walt_disney_picturesclass consisted of the most outgoing people in our whole cohort, so it was always a full-energy class and I would say mostly consisted of the song “Hakuna Matata”. Not a class day went by without making a Disney reference or a little sing-along before we got into the PowerPoint Lecture. There is just something about taking a somewhat challenging course with some of the closest people you have at college. If all 44 of us were struggling on a topic..we would all help Braineach other out. I’m so thankful to be able to take classes that I know everyone in. Not many college students get the opportunity to say that. I would walk into Psychology class every Tuesday and Thursday knowing that I would have a professor who was ready to have a fun time learning, and willing to interact with us students. As leaders this class really allowed us to differentiate our time between “fun” and “serious” time, but if I’m being honest, the group of students in this class is 110% of the time a grand ol’ time:) It was an interesting experience and I am glad I got to experience it with 40 of my new closest friends.

The singing of classic Disney songs also made the class ten times better:)