A Blog about a Blog

Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. He also has a well-known blog. On the home page of his blog he has the phrase “Go, Make something happen”. As I was reading through his recent blogs most of the posts were related to things that happen in life, and how we can improve, change, or look at it in a certain perspective. I gained an insight in a wide range of things, and one particular blog that caught my eye was his “Here comes ‘Uh-Oh'” story.tumblr_l11gvg9TUY1qz6pqio1_r1_500 In summary the blog explained how we all as individuals have a specific fear that we all try to avoid, but sadly, in this day an age, it’s pretty hard to do so. Godin also explained that if we live everyday trying to avoid a certain feeling that scares us, then it just remind us of that specific feeling. If we live in worry for all 24 hours of the day, that is just going tot result in mediocrity, when we should all be striving for the greatness that each individual has the capability of reaching. So the conclusion to his blog, basically fell into this one statement. Either we just try to hide our “soft spot” or we lead with it. We can choose to take what makes life harder for us, and form it into a strength in the long run, or stay in the negative.From reading this blog, I now look at my weaknesses in a more positive outlook, because really, how can anyone overcome their issues if they don’t make an effort to try and form that weakness into something that they can benefit from. Everyday I personally struggle with believing in myself. Now, if I wake up tomorrow morning, and the first thing I say to myself is “Chloe, you got this! You can do whatever you set your heart to! No go out there, and make a difference!”, I will most likely have a more positive morning than if I were to just role out of bed and stay in my pajamas. Now it’s time for me as well as all of you to take our “Uh-oh” feelings and transition them into an “Oh yeah I got this” feeling!