#LEADChat {Leadership Institute}

During one of my LDR 200 classes, we had a LeadChat about mentor and mentees to get some ideas flowing and get potential mentees hyped for the mentee draft! A LeadChat is a twitter conversation held by the Leadership Institute to create a large, free flowing conversation on the leadership topic at hand. As a class, we were asked five different questions to answer in our own personal opinion. After this, the rest of class was spent discussing how to be a beneficial mentor to the Leader Advancement Cohort of 2015. Here are a list of the five questions, and my responses to each one.

Q1: What qualities do you look for in a mentor?- In a mentor, I look for someone I can look for to talk about anything to. You always need someone to lean on #LeadChatFullSizeRender(12)

Q2: What are your expectations of your mentee?- A mentee who feels comfortable just being themselves around me, just like how I feel with @KatilynRose13 🙂 #LeadChat

Q3: What is the difference between a mentor and a role model?- A mentor is there to show you who and how to follow, a role model is who you should follow#LeadChat

Q4: What communication tools work best with a mentor/mentee relationship?- Not taking life too seriously, and talking to each other through both the good and bad times#LeadChat

Q5: Who do you look to as a mentor? How have they had an impact on you?- I look up to Katie as a mentor. What other 2nd year do you know getting their undergrad? #LeadChatFullSizeRender(13)

LeadChats are important and very beneficial in many ways. It gets Central Michigan University’s name out on social media, any individual can participate in the conversation, and great ideas/thoughts about leadership are generated! I love participating in CMU’s LeadChats and I hope you get involved in the next one!