Keeping Your Kids Moving During The Winter Blues

A Healthier Michigan


Winter is how many months long in Michigan? Too many to count – so  here is the perfect read to learn how your kids can overcome the cold temperatures. The snow days seem to be never ending and your kid’s energy seems to have no place to be exerted so they sit on the couch watching Netflix. While this keeps them out of trouble, there is nothing healthy about the situation.

Sure, we are in the stressful holiday season with a lot of time spent traveling and eating dessert at family parties. There are ways, however, to keep your kids active and healthy during the winter “blues”. Here are a few easy ways to work exercise and fun -yes, I said fun- into the winter months.

  1. Find a place to go skiing and snowboarding. If your kids are adventure seekers, search up your nearest skiing and snowboarding resort. Save time and space in the car, and rent the equipment there. If this is something the kids end up loving, you can always buy season passes-which saves you a ton of money in the end! You can also look up what places offer lessons!
  2. Get involved in the community recreational center. Joining a gym or a league is the easiest way to stay out of the frigid cold. The kids can choose to run some laps in the pool, participate in pick-up basketball games, or spend an hour over sweaty equipment (unfortunately, there is still the cold walk to the vehicle and back).
  3. Create a Family Bootcamp. Spend some fun, quality time with your kids by setting up work-out stations for the kids in the basement (or whatever room you choose). Whether this is learning cool yoga poses, crunches or wrestling matches, this is a way for the family to stay moving and bond.
  4. Shake Your Booty. Show the kids you still have some moves. Turn off the lights, get glow sticks, flashlights and play some music that can’t help but get the kids off the couch and groovin’ to the beats!
  5. Go Ice Skating or Roller Blading. This can be a new skill for people to learn at any age. The kids can race around the rink while breaking a sweat! This also focuses on the ability for the body to balance. You might even have a frozen pond in the back yard, so get a broom and start sweeping off that snow (that’s a workout right there)!

It is so important to make sure our kids are staying active, regardless of the season. Let’s take advantage of our winter months, and get creative with ways to have our kids staying healthy and active!

So, how are you going to get your kids moving as the snow is falling? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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How was Leadership Created?

The words “yes” and “no”. They are used in our everyday life. It allows us to make decisions, hold conversations, and to express opinions. Now, relating the words “yes” and “no” to leadership, did these words create leadership? My personal opinion, leadership did not just simply come from those two simple yet so complex words that are in today’s dictionaries. Leadership came from a feeling of both words put together and gave people the idea to make a change. Being a leader is about not just knowing the difference between right and wrong, but about inspiring others and allowing someone to have the mindset of “Yes, I can accomplish this”. When a leader is going through the motions of everyday life, they choose to either go about doing something or deciding “no” I am not going to do this. Life is all about decision making and not everything is going to originate from one answer. If you were always told yes, you can do something then I am pretty sure nothing would ever get accomplished. The word “no” is vital to someones success, and creating a great leader out of someone because when someone has to work hard for something, true passion shines through. Having passion about one’s expertise is what leadership is all about. Showing care and love for IMG_1519something and teaching others of your findings is what makes positivity within this world go around. My decision to be a leader came from my heart. I knew that in life I always want to continue to work hard, and stick to my values. Through this I created a “why” statement of my life to describe why I have devoted my life to be the best possible leader I can be, and this was the outcome. So for my final answer, leadership did not just simply come from a “yes” or a “no” it came from a “why do you want to make a change in this world?”.

Oh you know, that one time I met the President

Last semester, one of my classes was Leadership 100. Within this class, we had multiple guest speakers come in to talk, one being Central Michigan University’s President, Mr. Ross! I can say, without a doubt, that day of class was my favorite out of the whole semester. He gave our class insight on how to be the best possible students, talked about his personal life/experiences, and what he wanted from us as leaders on this campus. President Ross is an amazing man, who truly wants the best for the students on CMU’s campus. I think the best part of the whole class was when he talked to my roommate via Facetime, since she was unable to be present for the class. Also, I was able to be chosen for a question, mine being “What do you think about the Disney College Program”. His response was that our university is lucky enough to have a great connection with Disney and anyone given the opportunity to be enrolled in that program shoudl take it. Because of his response, it made my decision to make Disney apart of my college experience that much more apparent. I am so grateful to be able to go to a school where the President is truly involved with the students, and cares about the success of the students while enrolled and also while being alumni.

The President plus my two roomies

The President plus my two roomies