HDF 110

Oppression:Roots & Impact

This class has honestly been the most impactful class that I have taken since being at Central Michigan University. Diversity plays a large role in my life, since coming to college. I have a very diverse friend group, and I did not realize the large part that oppression plays in minorities lives until I witnessed it for myself. This class puts everything into perspective. From socioeconomic status, religion, location, etc., oppression effects individuals all across the world.

I come from a very small farm town so there is not much diversity. Coming to college has shown me that there are so many things that make people unique and that the campus that I attend is truly diverse.

Going back to socioeconomic status, minority groups have to deal with so much more when it comes to getting a job, buying or house, or even getting paid. Red lining occurred which is still causing issues today and i can honestly say that my friends have experienced this since where they live now is an outcome of this directly.

My professor has had personal experiences and I think that definitely played a large part. When a professor is speaking form he heart, you can see it in their heart when the topic they are teaching is something that has effected their lives. Good job Central Michigan University at picking this professor and class requirement, you succeeded.

Too Much Excitement to Handle! Pre-LAS in Detroit Trip

The 2015 Leader Advancement Scholars class as well as upper class LASers will be heading to Detroit weekend trip. There we will be attending the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy for the day to facilitate and teach leadership skills.Also, will make a guest appearance at the Detroit Institute of Arts. As well, we will go on a tour of the company, Lowe Campbell Ewald, which relocated their office to specifically bring business to Detroit. On our last day, we will be volunteering our time to help clean up an abandoned home.

I am currently of a few social issues in Detroit. I am aware of racial barriers and separation of class. There is too much of a gap between races and levels of living in this urban city. This past spring break I went on a week long service trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for urban renewal. On this trip I learned about the many social issues that correlate with an urban and highly populated area. I have personally witnessed these social issues in Pittsburgh, as well as Detroit. Through this trip I hope I will be able to gain an even better idea of what is truly occurring in Detroit.

This service learning experience to Detroit relates to the purpose and vision of the Leadership Institute by giving me, as well as my fellow classmates the opportunity to get hands on learning for issues within a challenged society. By gaining detroitknowledge on this trip, we will all have a better understanding on what needs to be done in order to improve the economy and way of life within needed areas. The purpose and vision of the Leadership Institute is all about serving others and giving students the ability to do so, and this trip will definitely fill this requirement. Being physically in Detroit, and actively giving a helping hand will make for great LAS memories as well as an amazing educational experience.

The Detroit trip will help me grow as an individual in the aspect that it will humble me. Being a humble person is something that is essential when you are blessed to have food, a roof over your head, and have access to an excellent education. I hope to grow in maturity, and with an increase on knowledge with urban renewal. I have a passion for helping others, so this trip will most likely just feed that passion and increase my need to volunteer for others in need as well. Needless to say, I am SO excited for #LASinTheD! Keep a look out for my next post about how the trip actually went!

The Unending Climb up the Debate Hill

So, for my first semester of college I was required to take a debate class named COM267L. Leadership was incorporated into the class, which made the class a bit more easy to handle. Now, I am a person that is sassy, loves to talk, and has quite a few opinions. For the most part, I enjoyed the class, specifically since I took it with my other fellow LAS(Leader Advancement Scholar) class members. However, the was the class was set up was not bsr005beneficial. Did I learn, yes. Did I learn in a manner that was beneficial to me as a student, no. To be honest, I’m still not fully sure if the Professor enjoyed me as a student or not. If I received anything out of the class that will help me in the future, it will be that I will be prepared for a class that is structured with many different areas to cover at one single time, and that debating can be somewhat fun when you know what your talking about. I studied fairly heavily for this class, and did a lot of self-teaching, which did give me a lot of background information on the principles of debating. Since this was a leadership related course, I did learn how knowing the basics of correct debating can help me communicate in the real word. This is an essential tool to being a successful leader. If you can’t communicate with people, who can trust you to lead them? All in all, let’s just say I let out a huge sigh of relief once I left the class for one last time after my final exam! COM267L=COMPLETED


Oh you know, that one time I met the President

Last semester, one of my classes was Leadership 100. Within this class, we had multiple guest speakers come in to talk, one being Central Michigan University’s President, Mr. Ross! I can say, without a doubt, that day of class was my favorite out of the whole semester. He gave our class insight on how to be the best possible students, talked about his personal life/experiences, and what he wanted from us as leaders on this campus. President Ross is an amazing man, who truly wants the best for the students on CMU’s campus. I think the best part of the whole class was when he talked to my roommate via Facetime, since she was unable to be present for the class. Also, I was able to be chosen for a question, mine being “What do you think about the Disney College Program”. His response was that our university is lucky enough to have a great connection with Disney and anyone given the opportunity to be enrolled in that program shoudl take it. Because of his response, it made my decision to make Disney apart of my college experience that much more apparent. I am so grateful to be able to go to a school where the President is truly involved with the students, and cares about the success of the students while enrolled and also while being alumni.

The President plus my two roomies

The President plus my two roomies

Alpha Leadership.AKA.Lazers Assemble


One of the greatest Alpha Leaders

As a freshman obtaining the leadership advancement scholarship, it is a requirement to go through the Alpha Leadership experience in your first year of college. I had the opportunity to take it my very first semester since it fit within my class schedule. I am a “Leadership nerd” when it comes to getting young leaders in one area and just feeding off of each other, so it’s fair to say I was more than excited to be able to go through Alpha. The duration of Alpha Leadership was a six week period in which every Thursday night in Powers Hall. I was put in the Green Machines with two amazing leaders. Every week I learned something new about myself and my leadership skills. I tested myself, and I found out that I am a very “spirited” leader. This makes since to me in many ways because I am always encouraging others to do their best in what ever it may be and I look at the positives in situations. Throughout the course I also learned multiple skills; proper communication, listening abilities, staying calming, and accepting other peoples’ views. At the end of it all, I came to the conclusion that throughout my life I want to stay connected to leadership learning communities,  because things like the Alpha Leadership Experience truly bring out the best in people.

Psychology Class: My Daily Dose of Disney Music

As a freshman in the Leadership Advancement Cohort, I am required to take a psychology class called PSY 100L with Professor Prewett. The Walt_disney_picturesclass consisted of the most outgoing people in our whole cohort, so it was always a full-energy class and I would say mostly consisted of the song “Hakuna Matata”. Not a class day went by without making a Disney reference or a little sing-along before we got into the PowerPoint Lecture. There is just something about taking a somewhat challenging course with some of the closest people you have at college. If all 44 of us were struggling on a topic..we would all help Braineach other out. I’m so thankful to be able to take classes that I know everyone in. Not many college students get the opportunity to say that. I would walk into Psychology class every Tuesday and Thursday knowing that I would have a professor who was ready to have a fun time learning, and willing to interact with us students. As leaders this class really allowed us to differentiate our time between “fun” and “serious” time, but if I’m being honest, the group of students in this class is 110% of the time a grand ol’ time:) It was an interesting experience and I am glad I got to experience it with 40 of my new closest friends.

The singing of classic Disney songs also made the class ten times better:)