Too Much Excitement to Handle! Pre-LAS in Detroit Trip

The 2015 Leader Advancement Scholars class as well as upper class LASers will be heading to Detroit weekend trip. There we will be attending the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy for the day to facilitate and teach leadership skills.Also, will make a guest appearance at the Detroit Institute of Arts. As well, we will go on a tour of the company, Lowe Campbell Ewald, which relocated their office to specifically bring business to Detroit. On our last day, we will be volunteering our time to help clean up an abandoned home.

I am currently of a few social issues in Detroit. I am aware of racial barriers and separation of class. There is too much of a gap between races and levels of living in this urban city. This past spring break I went on a week long service trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for urban renewal. On this trip I learned about the many social issues that correlate with an urban and highly populated area. I have personally witnessed these social issues in Pittsburgh, as well as Detroit. Through this trip I hope I will be able to gain an even better idea of what is truly occurring in Detroit.

This service learning experience to Detroit relates to the purpose and vision of the Leadership Institute by giving me, as well as my fellow classmates the opportunity to get hands on learning for issues within a challenged society. By gaining detroitknowledge on this trip, we will all have a better understanding on what needs to be done in order to improve the economy and way of life within needed areas. The purpose and vision of the Leadership Institute is all about serving others and giving students the ability to do so, and this trip will definitely fill this requirement. Being physically in Detroit, and actively giving a helping hand will make for great LAS memories as well as an amazing educational experience.

The Detroit trip will help me grow as an individual in the aspect that it will humble me. Being a humble person is something that is essential when you are blessed to have food, a roof over your head, and have access to an excellent education. I hope to grow in maturity, and with an increase on knowledge with urban renewal. I have a passion for helping others, so this trip will most likely just feed that passion and increase my need to volunteer for others in need as well. Needless to say, I am SO excited for #LASinTheD! Keep a look out for my next post about how the trip actually went!