LAS in the D

Every freshman, sophomore and junior that are leader advancement scholars have to be involved with a LEAD team. This year I was able to work my way onto the LAS in the D service trip, which is so exciting! I loved it so much my freshman year that I knew I had to go another year!

Preparing for the service trip requires extensive preparation, money, thought, and enthusiasm. This is a time for the freshman to all bond as well, which is what I am even more excited to see as the weekend is about to unfold. Friendships get made on this trip that I did not even know could occur.

Serving others with people you have a strong bond with, whether you are super close or not, is such a beautiful thing. Serving in Detroit is even more beautiful. I am excited to see where this weekend will take the freshman and their outlook on Detroit. The planning will finally come together and the freshman will experience one of their most memorable memories from freshman year, and as a sophomore I get to experience that all over again!

The Unending Climb up the Debate Hill

So, for my first semester of college I was required to take a debate class named COM267L. Leadership was incorporated into the class, which made the class a bit more easy to handle. Now, I am a person that is sassy, loves to talk, and has quite a few opinions. For the most part, I enjoyed the class, specifically since I took it with my other fellow LAS(Leader Advancement Scholar) class members. However, the was the class was set up was not bsr005beneficial. Did I learn, yes. Did I learn in a manner that was beneficial to me as a student, no. To be honest, I’m still not fully sure if the Professor enjoyed me as a student or not. If I received anything out of the class that will help me in the future, it will be that I will be prepared for a class that is structured with many different areas to cover at one single time, and that debating can be somewhat fun when you know what your talking about. I studied fairly heavily for this class, and did a lot of self-teaching, which did give me a lot of background information on the principles of debating. Since this was a leadership related course, I did learn how knowing the basics of correct debating can help me communicate in the real word. This is an essential tool to being a successful leader. If you can’t communicate with people, who can trust you to lead them? All in all, let’s just say I let out a huge sigh of relief once I left the class for one last time after my final exam! COM267L=COMPLETED


Oh you know, that one time I met the President

Last semester, one of my classes was Leadership 100. Within this class, we had multiple guest speakers come in to talk, one being Central Michigan University’s President, Mr. Ross! I can say, without a doubt, that day of class was my favorite out of the whole semester. He gave our class insight on how to be the best possible students, talked about his personal life/experiences, and what he wanted from us as leaders on this campus. President Ross is an amazing man, who truly wants the best for the students on CMU’s campus. I think the best part of the whole class was when he talked to my roommate via Facetime, since she was unable to be present for the class. Also, I was able to be chosen for a question, mine being “What do you think about the Disney College Program”. His response was that our university is lucky enough to have a great connection with Disney and anyone given the opportunity to be enrolled in that program shoudl take it. Because of his response, it made my decision to make Disney apart of my college experience that much more apparent. I am so grateful to be able to go to a school where the President is truly involved with the students, and cares about the success of the students while enrolled and also while being alumni.

The President plus my two roomies

The President plus my two roomies

Connections Conference 2K14

This past fall semester the LAS cohort went to the Connection’s Conference in Travers City, Michigan. Many groups from Central Michigan University met at the Great Wolf Lodge for a fun-filled weekend to learn about leadership styles, hear words of encouragement, and learn more about ourselves. A big thing that I focused on is how to learn to be more effective with my time. I was able to attended two key speakers that gave me great insight on how to be more useful with my time in every day life. connections2It was also a great bonding experience for our cohort, and to make connections with people through other leadership communities on campus. From spending as many hours in the water park as possible( I acted like a little kid in a candy store) to playing hide and go seek in the resort’s lobby, I would say it was definitely a successful weekend. The memories I made, learning how to properly talk to other leaders, and gaining information to succeed in the real world, I felt like a new person the morning I got on the charter bus to head back to Central Michigan University.


Mentor/Mentee Retreat

As a Leadership Advancement Scholar, I had the incredible opportunity to have received an amazing mentor. Being apart of Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program, it is a tradition to have a mentor your freshman year and then the next year I will receive my own mentee. To start the year off and gain a close relationship between all of the mentors and mentees, the freshman and sophomore cohorts went on a retreat to a place called Eagle Village. Once we got to Eagle Village we were all put into groups in which we would be apart of for the entire weekend. Great memories were made through leadership activities, team bonding, s’more making, and sharing laughs with one another. Over the course of both days, the sophomore cohort truly expressed to us freshman how privileged we are to be involved with something so amazing, which really became clear once the retreat had come to a closing. Everyone gained something through this experience and for me the mentor/mentee retreat showed me what my strengths/weaknesses are as a leader, how to be a positive person in and out of the classroom, and the importance of spreading happiness in life. From rock-climbing to laughing so hard on the ropes course that I have a bladder accident, this retreat was a memory that I will never forget. This was a unique bonding experience with my mentor that has led into an amazing friendship. Now I just have to wait until next year when I receive my own mentee. I will be there for my mentee just like my mentor has been there for me through my freshman year in LAS and college in general.

The mentee with the mentor

The mentee with the mentor

ropes course

The famous outdoor ropes course


Leadership Safari

College is one of the biggest life changing events that I have every gone through, that is absolutely a fact. Given the opportunity to attend something such as Leadership Safari was truly an incredible transition into college. I left my small home town of Imlay City, Michigan on August 16th, and moved into my new home of Barnes Hall at Central Michigan University. As a freshman at Central Michigan University, I chose to attend the one and only Leadership Safari and it has been one of the best choices I’ve made in college so far. I showed up to CMU my first day, and within an hour had already made at least twenty friends. The love and support I received from my Safari guide and Safari team was more than I could have every imagined. Even the small things meant a lot, such as the creative Leafy Sea Dragon(my Safari Team) taped outside my door with my name on it. The whole week was filled with getting acquainted with the beautiful campus, learning about myself, and gaining friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. I learned where important locations were on campus, smart tools to survive my classes, how to handle stress, and gain life-long friends through the entire week. Also, the beginning of my transition to college was a very vulnerable time for me.

Leafy Sea Dragons of 2014

Leafy Sea Dragons of 2014

Because of that, I was truly blessed to have my Safari Guide teach me the ways of getting around campus, the what not and what to dos, and just how to make it through my first year. The support of my fellow safari participants, safari leader, and core guide really gave the the inspiration and push to make it through my first semester of college with a spark that never died out. I have and will continue to tell ANY incoming freshman to go through Leadership Safari. Being a step ahead at the beginning of the year gets you that much closer to the finish line!