LAS in the D

Every freshman, sophomore and junior that are leader advancement scholars have to be involved with a LEAD team. This year I was able to work my way onto the LAS in the D service trip, which is so exciting! I loved it so much my freshman year that I knew I had to go another year!

Preparing for the service trip requires extensive preparation, money, thought, and enthusiasm. This is a time for the freshman to all bond as well, which is what I am even more excited to see as the weekend is about to unfold. Friendships get made on this trip that I did not even know could occur.

Serving others with people you have a strong bond with, whether you are super close or not, is such a beautiful thing. Serving in Detroit is even more beautiful. I am excited to see where this weekend will take the freshman and their outlook on Detroit. The planning will finally come together and the freshman will experience one of their most memorable memories from freshman year, and as a sophomore I get to experience that all over again!

Freshman Year=Complete

Now that my freshman year has come to a close I am going to reflect on how I have evolved into the person I am today. Though the many ups and downs, study nights, caf dinners, organizations, and volunteer hours, I have turned into an IMPROVED Chloe Marie Kosinski!

Throughout this school year I would definitely say that I have accomplished my goal of making sure that I surround myself with positivity! Having people that constantly bring me up instead of tear me down was amazing encouragement for me when I knew there was times when I just wanted to be mediocre. I wake up every single day with the mindset of “I am able to wake up today and I am being given the opportunity to make a DIFFERENCE. I would say that I have found my true passion through this outlook, and that is that I want my career to involve caring for others, in any possible way.

 Leadership Facilitation in East Lansing

Leadership Facilitation in East Lansing

In today’s day and age, it is not easy to come across a truly genuine person that wants to help out society and create a world of loving, hate-free people. In order for me to come to this consensus, I started volunteering in some serious ways. I was involved with the Lunch Buddies program, did K-12 facilitation programs, and even

Alternative Break

Alternative Break

went on a week long Alternative Break to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to focus on Urban Renewal. Each of these three programs involves helping others in some form. My Lunch Buddies involved being a mentor to a 3rd grader who was in a “at-risk” home environment. The leadership facilitation programs involved going to urban area schools and teaching what leadership is all about (SO MUCH FUN)! Lastly, my Alternative Break was spent redoing two widowed women’s homes in Pittsburgh who could not afford it. It was an incredible experience to see the growth within the two homes over the course of the week! I actually enjoyed it so much that i applied to be  site leader for next winter alternative breaks!

At the beginning of this year, I also told myself that I was going to be proud of myself and be successful. I can honestly say that I took advantage of all opportunities, did new things, met new people, and evolved into a new and improved Chloe (who I am SO proud to be). I’ve learned to love myself and be thankful that I am granted the opportunity to make something of myself not only on Central FullSizeRender(16)Michigan University’s campus, but the world. My freshman year of college has taught me that everything might not go my way, but I might as well make the best of it as I am going down the road of life! Anyways, 2015 has so far been one for the books, and I will keep this trend going as I lead into my SOPHOMORE year of college. Wow, is that weird to say, or what? Everyday I am striving for improvement, and that will never stop. I will continue to conquer everyday with passion, drive, and love in everything that I do, which will create a positive outcome not only for myself, but the people and environment around me! Now it is time to say goodbye to CMU for the summer and say hello “tip of the thumb” Michigan! See you in 3 months fellow Chippewas!

#LEADChat {Leadership Institute}

During one of my LDR 200 classes, we had a LeadChat about mentor and mentees to get some ideas flowing and get potential mentees hyped for the mentee draft! A LeadChat is a twitter conversation held by the Leadership Institute to create a large, free flowing conversation on the leadership topic at hand. As a class, we were asked five different questions to answer in our own personal opinion. After this, the rest of class was spent discussing how to be a beneficial mentor to the Leader Advancement Cohort of 2015. Here are a list of the five questions, and my responses to each one.

Q1: What qualities do you look for in a mentor?- In a mentor, I look for someone I can look for to talk about anything to. You always need someone to lean on #LeadChatFullSizeRender(12)

Q2: What are your expectations of your mentee?- A mentee who feels comfortable just being themselves around me, just like how I feel with @KatilynRose13 🙂 #LeadChat

Q3: What is the difference between a mentor and a role model?- A mentor is there to show you who and how to follow, a role model is who you should follow#LeadChat

Q4: What communication tools work best with a mentor/mentee relationship?- Not taking life too seriously, and talking to each other through both the good and bad times#LeadChat

Q5: Who do you look to as a mentor? How have they had an impact on you?- I look up to Katie as a mentor. What other 2nd year do you know getting their undergrad? #LeadChatFullSizeRender(13)

LeadChats are important and very beneficial in many ways. It gets Central Michigan University’s name out on social media, any individual can participate in the conversation, and great ideas/thoughts about leadership are generated! I love participating in CMU’s LeadChats and I hope you get involved in the next one!

Mentee Draft 2K15

FullSizeRender(8)As a Leader Advancement Scholar, you receive mentees as a sophomore. A mentee is a freshman who you take under your wing and guide/mentor them throughout their time in college. Before the Mentor Workshop during LDR 200 class I was aware of the entire mentor/mentee process, but I did not truly understand the “hype” of it. The workshop allowed me to realize that I now am somewhat responsible for this LAS student, and I want to be the best possible mentor to them as possible. I do believe that I have a great mentor who has definitely showed me the ropes and will be a great G-Mentor to my mentee! However, after the Mentor Workshop I did realize that there is a lot more work when having a mentee than I initially thought. Just to cover a few things, I was reminded that I have to guide not only through getting through school, but also dealing with their friend issues, dreaded break-ups, their gen-eds, and how to balance CMU’s social life and school life.

I know that I am fully prepared to be the best possible mentor to me mentee now though because I have now gone through it all. All of the “not-so-happy” things I dealt with I want to help my mentee not have to go through any of that. College is hard enough as it is and being able to prevent unwanted issues will just make me mentees’ CMU experience that much more enjoyable. Also, I would say that I am a pretty motherly and nurturing person, so I will make sure that I am only a phone call away, or ready for a girls night, or to be there to help on LAS cohort classes. Personally, I am taking the role as a mentor very seriously, and I cannot wait to experience the next three years on campus with my mentee!

In order to be the best mentee I can be, I am preparing myself by creating a list of do’s and dont’s for my mentee. There are some things that my mentor did not have to go through that I did, and I want to take what my mentor told me and what I have to say, and give all of that information and put it into my mentee’s hands. Also, I am preparing to shower my mentee with gifts and CMU essentials! Do you even go to CMU if you don’t have a CMU bumper sticker of “Beat Western” pin? Probs not! CMUA mentor needs to show that they care about their mentee and that they have their best interest in mine. I will be loving, caring, nurturing, and a friend who will always be there. Everyone needs a should to lean on in college, and that is what the LAS family believes!


For a project in my leadership 100 class, we had a large group project called the Fred Factor. The Fred Factor is based around one question; Are you a Fred? Also, the Fred Factor has 4 main principles; Everyone makes a difference, everything is built on relationships, you must continually create value for others, and you can reinvent yourself regularly.FullSizeRender Our class was split into groups consisting of around 5 or 6 people and we were assigned the task of doing something on Central Michigan’s campus or in the surrounding community that promoted the meaning of being a “Fred”. For my group, we went through multiple ideas until we finally came to a conclusion. Our final result was #CMUGiveThanks, and we decided to have our location on north campus in Robinson Hall’s lobby. The set up for our project was pretty simple; Poster, table, frame, yarn, and “Give Thanks” paper slips. What we did was ask people to write down what they were thankful for and tie their thankfulness to the frame, and then keep the word going by posting what they are thankful for on social media! It was a total success and it wasFullSizeRender(2) amazing to see students, staff, and faculty, participate in the event. Being a “Fred” correlates with realizing that the little things in life truly make life so meaningful, and how the little acts of kindness really are important. Fred the mailman did the little things in his job, but that’s what made him so unique. When people took the time to really think about what they were thankful for, they realized it was the things that you take for granted, such as family, friends, and an education.