Making Others Happy

When people are happy, it creates a better world filled with more motivation to do great things. When I have interaction with other makeothershappyhuman beings (or even cute animals:)) I want them to feel good about themselves. No one ever made a difference when they sat there and was upset. It all starts with a positive attitude and the willingness to actually start an action.

Inspiring Others to be Better

I believe everyone should always strive to be a better person every single day. There is always room for improvement and success comes main-qimg-6aff1a0a84f6b57fb8ed436126a58e12from believing in yourself and having humility. I am always focusing on being a person of humility as well as humbling myself, in order to teach others that focusing on bettering yourself is a positive thing. When people are making influential actions it is influencing society in a positive manner, as well.


Public Relations

I am majoring in Integrative Public Relations because I want to change the reputation for this career field, and inform people with true facts. There is so much room to make a difference on this world through this career, as well as so many job availabilities. PRIncluded in this type of job is press releases, contacting the media, and making an image for the company that you are working for. I feel as though it would be, in certain words, life fulfilling when knowing you are helping a company succeed and changing the way journalists and any other careers look at PR work.


Leading is Life. Those are the words in my Twitter Bio anyway. I truly live by these words. I love to have people gain the confidence to make a positive impact on this world, and knowing that I played a part in starting that process. As well, I want my followers to become leaders, and teachleadership-quotes-sayings-about-leader-mark-yarnell others of right doings. This should be a never ending process, because if this is continuous, there will always be positivity and changes concurring for the betterment of society. I will continue to be a leader and I will bring others on my leadership journey as I continue to live my daily life.



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