JRN 450 Reflection

Over the course of the fall semester, I have been pushed to unthinkable measures in my JRN 450-public relations writing class. Twice a week, I would walk into JRN 450 not knowing what I was going to do. At first, I hated the feeling of the unknown. Now that I look back, I greatly appreciate it. Professor Wojcik showed me that I can make it in the public relations world. There are multiple areas of writing I improved in and I gained professional skills the career center cannot offer. Below, I will explain the top 3 take aways from my semester in JRN 450 and how it shaped my life for the better!

        1. The Portfolio

At the beginning of the semester, the class was told we would complete a professional portfolio comprised of various components. Within my portfolio were multiple letters of recommendation, writing samples, designs, certificates, resume and even my academic schedule. This maroon colored, leather binder is the number one project I completed throughout my college career so far. I am proud to show employers what I am capable of and what I can do for them, with the work I compiled together. Working on this assignment for multiple weeks, going home to get certain papers and spending long hours at the library was all worth it to see the final outcome. I also was able to take my portfolio to my first interview for an internship this summer, and it was great to see the interviewers impressed by my work.

        2. Not Your Normal Motivational Speeches 

In many of my classes, professors will give students a few life lessons throughout the course. I usually appreciate this to some degree. However, some professors go on tangents and the class ends up wasting valuable time. What is incredible about JRN 450 is how Professor Wojcik has used portions of class time to explain important life lessons within the public relations field, and every single word is wisdom coming straight from the heart. Our last class was specifically about important skills needed to be learned before graduating. How great is it to have a public relations writing class where the professor can teach you how to write in AP style at the same time as teach you the importance of financial decisions! Not only do I feel confident in my ability to write, but I feel confident in my ability to be a successful woman in the career field.

3. A Sense of Pride 

Getting my first grade back in this class was not easy for me to deal with at first. School is something I have excelled in my entire life, and up until this class I have truly not been pushed to my limit. As my professor would say, he wants us to feel the hockey game going on in our stomaches. Every time I received a  new assignment, I would remember the feedback given to me previously and I would be sure not to make the same mistake twice. I have created pieces such as a newsletter, brochure, media advisory and press release from scratch. This is  something for me to be truly proud of. I have created writing pieces that professionals are making and that is because of what I learned in JRN 450. Next year I will be graduating and I feel one step closer to being ready for the work force.






Queen Chloe’s Perspective: England Will Never Be the Same

Now before I start telling you all about what I want to change in this vicious world, I just want to explain how I am sitting in my Journalism 450 class and was given an assignment from my professor on how I need to blog about what three things would change if I were to be “Queen”. Naturally, I picked the country where I just studied abroad in and pranced around for a month visiting all of the royal sites.

       Chloe Marie Kosinski has now been inducted into her royal position as Queen of England .

England has now gained a woman in an authority position that has enough ideas to last a lifetime.

As the newly crowned Queen, I would first like to explain that all of the decisions I make from here on out are going to be solely based on the good of the people. I will now discuss the three main changes that I will be immediately making for this country.

       1. No one is to be discriminated by their color. If our law enforcement commits any type of action that the public perceives to be unjust, I will be personally covering this trial and making it lawful myself. Racism is real and alive folks, and I want to put a stop to it now.

       2. All education at any level is to be free. Yes, I said it. FREE. I want all people to have the right to an education and not have to worry about the financial aspect. Yes, some things will have to change for this to occur, I completely understand. However, if we want a successful country filled with intelligent adults we need people to have access to information.

       3. Clean Water. This might seem weird, but it is alive and well. If people are not intaking clean water, serious health risks arise. No matter what area of England you reside in, clean water will be of access. It will not matter your socioeconomic status, it will not matter your income, or what neighborhood you live in. Healthy water will be in your area of residence. Our people of England deserve the right to the basic necessities of life, and water truly makes this world work.

Now you might be thinking that these three things are not worth changing, or might not be a problem to you at all. If that is what you are thinking then guess what, you are WRONG. Some people walk around day to day, oblivious to the issues occurring right in front of their very own eyes. England is an extremely powerful and influential country. Many people come to this country for experiences and a new opportunity at life. I will not take my royal position lightly and let down my country.

These three changes will be put into effect immediately. I will not be surprised if i see backlash on media, because I know that is how most people rant these days, but remember that Queen Chloe has it under control. England is up and coming, and will forever be changed.

All Hail Queen Chloe!



LAS in the D

Every freshman, sophomore and junior that are leader advancement scholars have to be involved with a LEAD team. This year I was able to work my way onto the LAS in the D service trip, which is so exciting! I loved it so much my freshman year that I knew I had to go another year!

Preparing for the service trip requires extensive preparation, money, thought, and enthusiasm. This is a time for the freshman to all bond as well, which is what I am even more excited to see as the weekend is about to unfold. Friendships get made on this trip that I did not even know could occur.

Serving others with people you have a strong bond with, whether you are super close or not, is such a beautiful thing. Serving in Detroit is even more beautiful. I am excited to see where this weekend will take the freshman and their outlook on Detroit. The planning will finally come together and the freshman will experience one of their most memorable memories from freshman year, and as a sophomore I get to experience that all over again!

Getting My Mentee

The day I got my my mentor was such an exhilarating day. I finally realized how important having a mentor was. Then, I was able to receive my mentee which extended the family tree. It was such an amazing moment (I made a home video to show who I was), sneaky I know. My mentee and I have gone through formal recruitment together, created lasting memories, and have only grown closer.

My mentee and I both come from small hometowns so it only make since that our pasts align pretty closely. I love having someone who feels confident in coming to me for anything and I love someone who makes me still feel like a freshman. The actual act of being a freshman is so precious and I wish I could get it back. I cannot wait to be a “grandma” soon too, and have an incredible addition to the “Country Glam Fam”!

Some people say that the Leader Advancement Scholars get too involved with their mentor/mentee process, but I can say it is something so unique, and it truly makes coming to college that much more exciting. College is amazing, but LAS has made it incredible. I truly do not know what college would be like without LAS and i can honestly say I do not know if I would have stayed at CMU because LAS is what pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me get involved.

Public Relations Student Society of America

PRSSA for short. Yes this can be a mouth full to say. This is a professional organization for my major where I get to network, meet PR professionals, and meet other public relations majors on campus.

I signed my Integrative Public Relations major the first semester I came to college.  I am an individual who knows what they want and will strive to succeed at all times. I really got involved with this organization the second semester of college and became a member. I have gained a mentor who has taught me the ins and outs of the courses and what professors to take.

This major also opened me up the opportunity to intern at PR Central which is the student run public relation firm. These two organizations work together to really improve the PR department on campus.


Delta Zeta

This past fall I decided to go through sorority recruitment. My family has never been involved with Greek life so I am the first to have gone through this process. After a long and grueling week, I finally found my home and joined the Gamma Psi chapter of Delta Zeta on Central Michigan University’s campus.

It has brought me to some of the most amazing people and caring individuals that I have ever met in my entire life. I received my Big, Betsy who is honestly an amazing mentor. I also have a G, and GG who are in my family tree. It is such a sense of community and belonging that you truly can not go wrong. I do not know what I would have done this year without Greek life as a part of my school year.

The process of getting initiated, getting my Big, getting to know my sisters, etc. Every event is so exciting and it makes you feel as though you truly belong to something. A sorority is something bigger than yourself, and striving to make it better each and every day. I am involved with a sorority that encourages each and every woman to be the best possible version of themselves , and that is what Delta Zeta is all about.

Alternative Break in Washington D.C.

This past winter break I decided to site lead an alternative break for the social issue of urban education. Myself and one other leader took 10 CMU students in two Enterprise vans and went on a 16 hour ride to the East side of the country.

We spent the week at Beacon House which is an after school program in Edgewood, which is the community the program is located in. We spent the week helping program, clean, organize, and most importantly spend time with the children.

My favorite part of the entire trip was walking with the other employees to one of the schools to pick up the children to bring them to Beacon House. The look on their faces when they knew they would be coming with us to get a meal, help with homework, and genuine time with close friends.

It was such a humbling experience and I knew that I wanted to do something with my life revolving around helping under privileged people. These people in these communities don’t want to struggle, but there sometimes is no way to get out. That is why volunteers give them the hope that there is good in the world and there is a future even when it feels like the tunnel has no opening.