My Leadership Philosophy

Every single human on this Earth is unique in their one way. This means that almost every person has some opinionated view on what leadership means. For me, leadership plays a large part in my life, and this explains why I feel so passionate about leadership altogether. The values I obtain, how I approach certain tasks, and the way I choose to lead all influence the way I choose to define leadership. After some really deep thinking, and self-evaluating, I finally came to a conclusion of my own leadership philosophy. This being said, my leadership philosophy is as follows; the process of learning from others and taking that knowledge to benefit others around you, creating a continuous process.
Now I am going to describe ways in which I came to the conclusion of my leadership philosophy. The first, and most important reason behind this is how I believe being true to oneself as well as others is a value of mine that I try to live up to daily. I am always striving to become an influential woman and sister in Christ, and bettering myself in order to be a better person that can benefit others around me, no matter the situation I am involved with. Also, being a leader myself, I make it a focus to give others the inspiration to reach their goals while teaching others to be a person of morals and character. Relating this to my leadership philosophy stated above, someone who is a leader needs to be able to inspire others. A person will not gain the motivation to do something of significance when they truly do not trust or believe the person giving them the information. This is why being a leader means you have to show that you live up to your morals and have the character of someone who truly has passion and love for what they are doing.
When putting my leadership philosophy into real world perspective, I thought back to many past experiences. One example of a positive experience that I have had with leadership has easily been my Central Michigan University Leadership Safari experience. Leadership Safari 2014 has given me the encouragement to step outside my comfort zone, learn to communicate, and interact with a wide variety of people. Through this experience, I now have the knowledge to make leadership about influencing others as opposed to just increasing my own leadership capabilities. Continuing on from Leadership Safari, I have grown from this opportunity, and the leadership style I now obtain has played a large part in how my leadership philosophy was created. Also, my philosophy relates to the Transformational Approach of leadership. This approach describes how leaders can create change. Transformational leaders have the goal of empowering their followers to encourage them to make a change by using their own skills to help others. This type of leader is important because by being transformational, this means you are willing to actively seek change and be attentive to your followers (Northouse, 2004).
My philosophy is what keeps the term leadership alive. I follow this philosophy because I am a leader who is energetic, and striving to get others excited about accomplishing their goals; which is what I believe makes me distinct as a leader. Personally, I believe that as a leader, I give people hope and encouragement that is needed to spark their motivation. In order to continue living by my philosophy and build my leadership, I will continue to expose myself to people who are making myself a better person each and every day. In conclusion, to live up to my leadership philosophy; the process of learning from others and taking that knowledge to benefit others around you, creating a continuous process, I believe one has to have others looking up to them in order to hold oneself accountable and to focus on making an impact on this world.

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