Leader Advancement Scholarship

Not only did CMU offer me a major and minors that fit best with what I wanted to pursue in life, but I was given the opportunity to be a Leadership Advancement Scholar. You could easily say that I came into college with 43 amazing people that are not only called the LAS Class of 2014 cohort, but my CMU family. Through

LAS Class of 2014

LAS Class of 2014

this scholarship I am required to live in Barnes Hall, which is the leadership residence hall. I also take leadership courses with my cohort along with completing the Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol. At first this seemed very overwhelming, but all of these requirements have probably made some of the best memories so far for me since I’ve been in college. I live with 43 other amazing leaders who are going through the same situations as I am. Not to mention we all  have a lot of the same classwork as one another. Also, required through the protocol, I have to go out into the CMU community and get involved. I’ve already gotten so involved on campus that I feel like I have already put my hand print on this campus, in more ways than one.

When they say you meet your best friends in college, they are right. Being a Leadership Advancement Scholar has also given me some of my best friends who will last a lifetime and will one day be my bridesmaids in my wedding. Since I am surrounded by such amazing leadFullSizeRender(5)ers almost 24 hours a day, I can literally see myself shaping into a well-rounded woman with leadership skills that I never knew I could obtain! There really isn’t an exact phrase of words to truly express how much this program has already changed my life. I will forever be grateful for the Central Michigan University’s Leadership Institute giving me this opportunity and I will always strive to be the best possible leader I can be.

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