Having an idea, creating it, and seeing it come to life. That is what I love to do in life. This is a big part of why I am actually an Integrative Public Relations major. Being involved with the back bone of projects or seeing an event come together is something that is truly magical to me. I decided that once I got to college I was going to do something with this passion of mine, and I decided to join the RSO on campus called Alliance for Women in Media(AWM). AWM_Vert- Through this group I have gained connections with fellow upperclassmen, gained knowledge on my career field, how to go about tasks not only in the public relations world, but the marketing, journalism, and broadcasting world as well. AWM has given me big sisters here on campus, and I know that I can go to them for anything, and I will recieve the love and advice I need at any moment.


Another passion of mine is helping younger children. In high school I was involved with our school system’s basketball clinics for the elementary children, as well as other events. I wanted to take this involvement and transfer it to college, and I am doing that through Central Michigan University’s Lunch Buddies Program! Through this I attend a surrounding elementary school in Isabella County, and I am set up with a group of children that need some guidance, love, and care. Every Friday I go to the same school, and interact with the same children to build a close, tight-knit bond with the young students.

MetroMentors Quote2




Even though public relations is my major, it was originally going to be Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts. However, once I realized the job market was very small I decided to move it to my minor. I love finding a story that has meaning, creating a package on it, and giving it to the public to educate and inform people. During my first semester in college I got involved right away with News Central 34, right here on Central’s campus! I was apart of the technical side of the producing. Like I said before, I love the backbone of projects, and all of the behind-the-scenes work!dqBFOgZq News Central 34 is a student ran newscast that has received several awards and is recognized throughout the state. As a progress through my college years I plan to get even more involved with News Central 34, and to possibly find a job that incorporates a news station as well as PR!




Now to the good stuff…..LEADERSHIP! Ever since I was a little girl I loved working hard, always learning, communicating, and teaching others of the knowledge I had. If there is anything about me that stands out the most I would say it is my passion for leadership. Just being at college for one semester I have participated in Leadership Safari (which I highly recommend to anyone coming to CMU) Here is the link for anyone that would like more information on this event or to register, Alpha Leadership Experience, Central Michigan University’s Connections Conference, and being involved with the Leadership Institute on campus. I seriously crave all things leadership related. The words that I believe define leadership are Leading.Learning.Living.Loving. I plan on always being a person of leadership, always learning, living everyday to my fullest potential, and loving life and everyone in it.leadershipinstitute

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