As a freshman going into college, I felt very confident in what career field I wanted to go into. My junior and senior year of high school I spent half my day at the tech center taking a class called Digital Media Arts. Due to my opportunity to have an amazing teacher, I gained experience with videography, graphic design, reporting, and journalism. I knew that this was a path I wanted to take, but I wanted something a little bit different. pr-button1Therefore, I decided to make my major Integrative Public Relations and minor in Event Management. Public Relations incorporates advertising, broadcasting, journalism, and communication. Why would I not want to take all of the things I love, and put it to use in one single major! The possibilities that can come for being an IPR major are never ending.

So, why did I choose Central Michigan University as my final choice in deciding where to continue my higher education after high school? CMU is my home away from home. Everyone is so friendly, you can always have a mentor to rely on, and it is one of the top universities in the state of Michigan! As well, Central Michigan offers the degree that best suits me, and I was given the opportunity to be a Leadership Advancement Scholar. For more information on this scholarship, visit my Leadership Advancement Scholarship page!






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