About Me

Hello everybody, my name is Chloe Marie Kosinski. My hometown is Imlay City, which is a small town in the thumb of Michigan. My family consists of my happily married mother and father, Claudia my little sister, and our two dogs Jake(yellow lab) and Stanley (English bulldog). As a family we love to go on camping trips along with the rest of our family, as well as family friends! My family means so much to me, and I thank God everyday for providing me with such a loving family to always come home to.

Living in the thumb of Michigan, you are always pretty close to a body of water. Since I was a child I spent my summer days tubing, water skiing, and swimming. My winter months consist of skiing, snowmobiling, and I just recently picked up snowboarding. I absolutely love the outdoors and being active. Being healthy and staying fit is something I take a lot of pride in, and I plan on always keeping my healthy lifestyle and passing it down to my children someday.

My sister

My sister

My family and I at my Senior Award Night

My family and I at my Senior Award Night

My Father

My Father

My Mission Statement

I will persevere in everything I do to accomplish my goals.

I will obey and listen to my parents, and show my thanks for their support.
I will care for all and love all.
I commit to not being a person who judges.
I will continue to be a Christian.
I will love my friends and family.
I will be caring towards other peoples’ insecurities, and to have the best outlook on each obstacle.
I will be open to anyone wanting to be my teacher, and to gain a lot of knowledge.
I will not just focus on myself, but other people in need as well.
I commit to being a person who gives off a positive aura. 

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