LAS Competition Day

This year I led one of the competition sessions during the Leader Advancement Scholarship Competition Day. I was asked my two people that I look up to dearly to lead the session and they thought my personality was fitting for the position! So I figured….why not! central-michigan-university-office.jpg

Leading up to the competition, my partner and myself rehearsed various times to mainly learn how to get ourselves into character. (A large part of my role was playing a role from a story).

My favorite part of the day is just seeing all of the LAS scholars come together to see all for the potential new LAS scholars.

Being able to see of the incoming students was truly an honor, and to give incoming students advice on the varying aspects of college was truly an incredible experience. If it wasn’t for LAS, I would not have come to Central Michigan University. LAS has macaaae0fd0d1d5571223e8c08c73c6e34.jpgde me who I am today, which is why I was so grateful to be a apart of the competition day.
I also had a very large takeaway from this day: you have to look at the big picture. So much occurs when a large event is going on that you have to take a step back and realize that there is a large purpose behind this special day, and it needs to be cherished in the moment.

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