Greek InterVarsity: Being a Christian Leader within my Sorority

IMG_1727Along with two other amazing women, I am one of Delta Zeta’s bible study leaders. In this role I help bring my sorority sisters closer to their faith.

In order to be in this position I have to attend a weekly bible study prep, a “cluster” where a group of other greek bible study students discuss certain topics, and then we lead our chapters weekly bible study.

This past semester there was a regional Greek InterVarsity conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The picture above shows a few of my DZ sisters and I out exploring the town. This conference brought all walks of life in their faith closer to God. My position as bible study leader has also made me hold my self accountable for various other parts of my life. Not only am I there to lead my sisters in spiritual lives, but I need to be a representation of a women of God everyday. Being in a position of power hold more responsibilities than just showing up to certain events. When you are a leader , you must be there for people even in your down time. Being a leader is a lifestyle and I am a leader in Greek life. It’s not just for four years. It is for life.hazycam



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