Advocacy & OutReach Board

I currently work at the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center. Within that is an Advocacy and Outreach Board that I currently serve on. The purpose of the board is to organize a advocacymultitude of special events on campus for a diverse group of people and reach a large audience. Being that I am the OrgSync student coordinator in the office, it is my job to help plan how events are communicated with the university. I use OrgSync mostly as it has over 22,000 students as users for the Volunteer Center.

We have held many events such as Issue Day (based on social issues occurring in our world today), Be My Neighbor Day, Film and Speaker Series, blanket making for the foster care system, etc.Screen-Shot-2015-05-12-at-4.12.44-PM

Being on this board has made me realize how many people it actually takes to make events at large scale be successful. There are so many different departments that come into play and there has to be a constant flow of communication. Also, holding a position on a board shows that you can be counted on. You also need to live up to this standard. I truly enjoy see an event start from finish and all the different aspects that went into it. I am so happy for my experience and have learned real life lessons than I can count.

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