How to Dress to Impress

So you have recently registered for the Public Relations Conference : An Age of Polarization. Now you are probably wondering…hmmm what am I even going to wear?

The answer. Dress to impress. In other words- professional.

People in today’s world have a wide range of beliefs in regards to what is acceptable and not when it comes to going to a professional event. So here are a few tips in what to wear on April 20th!

  1. Wear the classic suit. For men, wear the matching suit set. For women, wear black dress pants and a blazer. Women also have the capability to wear a dress, tights are optional.
  2.  Wear COMFORTABLE shoes. A future employer doesn’t want to watch you stumbling in your heels, or putting band-aids on you heels because you bought your shoes yesterday from Kohl’s and din’t have time to break them in.
  3. Attempt to cover all tattoos and body piercings. This is a touchy subject, I know. However, it’s just a safer route to not have the facial piercings and that tattoo showing that you got on spring break that you regret even getting.
  4. Do not over do it with the cologne or perfume. A nice fragrance is always nice, but if the people you are talking with can’t breathe, then the conversation will probably end fairly quickly.
  5. Accessories are always a nice touch, but too much can be overwhelming. Always choose one statement piece and go with it. For men is usually a fashionable watch and for the ladies is nice earrings or an understated necklace.
  6.  Leave the smoky eye for another time. Classic, neutral colors on the face will allow for people to focus on who you are as a person and not what is painted on your skin.
  7. Groom yourself. Make sure to take a shower, get a haircut it need be or do your nails.

If you LOOK good you FEEL good. This will boost your confidence and allow for some great networking!

Now you are prepared to dress the part at the Public Relations Conference: An Age of Polarization! We can’t wait to see you there!


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