Queen Chloe’s Perspective: England Will Never Be the Same

Now before I start telling you all about what I want to change in this vicious world, I just want to explain how I am sitting in my Journalism 450 class and was given an assignment from my professor on how I need to blog about what three things would change if I were to be “Queen”. Naturally, I picked the country where I just studied abroad in and pranced around for a month visiting all of the royal sites.

       Chloe Marie Kosinski has now been inducted into her royal position as Queen of England .

England has now gained a woman in an authority position that has enough ideas to last a lifetime.

As the newly crowned Queen, I would first like to explain that all of the decisions I make from here on out are going to be solely based on the good of the people. I will now discuss the three main changes that I will be immediately making for this country.

       1. No one is to be discriminated by their color. If our law enforcement commits any type of action that the public perceives to be unjust, I will be personally covering this trial and making it lawful myself. Racism is real and alive folks, and I want to put a stop to it now.

       2. All education at any level is to be free. Yes, I said it. FREE. I want all people to have the right to an education and not have to worry about the financial aspect. Yes, some things will have to change for this to occur, I completely understand. However, if we want a successful country filled with intelligent adults we need people to have access to information.

       3. Clean Water. This might seem weird, but it is alive and well. If people are not intaking clean water, serious health risks arise. No matter what area of England you reside in, clean water will be of access. It will not matter your socioeconomic status, it will not matter your income, or what neighborhood you live in. Healthy water will be in your area of residence. Our people of England deserve the right to the basic necessities of life, and water truly makes this world work.

Now you might be thinking that these three things are not worth changing, or might not be a problem to you at all. If that is what you are thinking then guess what, you are WRONG. Some people walk around day to day, oblivious to the issues occurring right in front of their very own eyes. England is an extremely powerful and influential country. Many people come to this country for experiences and a new opportunity at life. I will not take my royal position lightly and let down my country.

These three changes will be put into effect immediately. I will not be surprised if i see backlash on media, because I know that is how most people rant these days, but remember that Queen Chloe has it under control. England is up and coming, and will forever be changed.

All Hail Queen Chloe!




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