Getting My Mentee

The day I got my my mentor was such an exhilarating day. I finally realized how important having a mentor was. Then, I was able to receive my mentee which extended the family tree. It was such an amazing moment (I made a home video to show who I was), sneaky I know. My mentee and I have gone through formal recruitment together, created lasting memories, and have only grown closer.

My mentee and I both come from small hometowns so it only make since that our pasts align pretty closely. I love having someone who feels confident in coming to me for anything and I love someone who makes me still feel like a freshman. The actual act of being a freshman is so precious and I wish I could get it back. I cannot wait to be a “grandma” soon too, and have an incredible addition to the “Country Glam Fam”!

Some people say that the Leader Advancement Scholars get too involved with their mentor/mentee process, but I can say it is something so unique, and it truly makes coming to college that much more exciting. College is amazing, but LAS has made it incredible. I truly do not know what college would be like without LAS and i can honestly say I do not know if I would have stayed at CMU because LAS is what pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me get involved.


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