COM 461L

I’m sure you are guessing what COM 461L stands for. I know I was when I saw it was on my list of required classes. It happens to stand for Communication in Leadership. The professor for this course I happened to have the same professor for this class the prior semester before. I loved my prior communications class with this professor so I was definitely excited to experience a higher level course with the same professor whom I had previously just gained a relationship with.

Within this course we take what we learned from our past leadership courses from the year prior and really put it into work for the end of our sophomore year. It really has me thinking about the importance of communication in today’s society. Being a college student, I have to deal with people and groups on a daily basis. Communication is a very vital skill to have and dealing with people and their different skills is what communication is all about.

There are many leadership styles that allow people to communicate in an effective way. We are currently covering the various leadership skills needed to be obtained to be an effective leader, particularly within group areas. No matter where people are in their professional life, they need to be able to communicate in a way that will allow achievements to occur.


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