Alternative Break in Washington D.C.

This past winter break I decided to site lead an alternative break for the social issue of urban education. Myself and one other leader took 10 CMU students in two Enterprise vans and went on a 16 hour ride to the East side of the country.

We spent the week at Beacon House which is an after school program in Edgewood, which is the community the program is located in. We spent the week helping program, clean, organize, and most importantly spend time with the children.

My favorite part of the entire trip was walking with the other employees to one of the schools to pick up the children to bring them to Beacon House. The look on their faces when they knew they would be coming with us to get a meal, help with homework, and genuine time with close friends.

It was such a humbling experience and I knew that I wanted to do something with my life revolving around helping under privileged people. These people in these communities don’t want to struggle, but there sometimes is no way to get out. That is why volunteers give them the hope that there is good in the world and there is a future even when it feels like the tunnel has no opening.

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