Mentor/Mentee Retreat

As a Leadership Advancement Scholar, I had the incredible opportunity to have received an amazing mentor. Being apart of Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program, it is a tradition to have a mentor your freshman year and then the next year I will receive my own mentee. To start the year off and gain a close relationship between all of the mentors and mentees, the freshman and sophomore cohorts went on a retreat to a place called Eagle Village. Once we got to Eagle Village we were all put into groups in which we would be apart of for the entire weekend. Great memories were made through leadership activities, team bonding, s’more making, and sharing laughs with one another. Over the course of both days, the sophomore cohort truly expressed to us freshman how privileged we are to be involved with something so amazing, which really became clear once the retreat had come to a closing. Everyone gained something through this experience and for me the mentor/mentee retreat showed me what my strengths/weaknesses are as a leader, how to be a positive person in and out of the classroom, and the importance of spreading happiness in life. From rock-climbing to laughing so hard on the ropes course that I have a bladder accident, this retreat was a memory that I will never forget. This was a unique bonding experience with my mentor that has led into an amazing friendship. Now I just have to wait until next year when I receive my own mentee. I will be there for my mentee just like my mentor has been there for me through my freshman year in LAS and college in general.

The mentee with the mentor

The mentee with the mentor

ropes course

The famous outdoor ropes course


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