Leadership Safari

College is one of the biggest life changing events that I have every gone through, that is absolutely a fact. Given the opportunity to attend something such as Leadership Safari was truly an incredible transition into college. I left my small home town of Imlay City, Michigan on August 16th, and moved into my new home of Barnes Hall at Central Michigan University. As a freshman at Central Michigan University, I chose to attend the one and only Leadership Safari and it has been one of the best choices I’ve made in college so far. I showed up to CMU my first day, and within an hour had already made at least twenty friends. The love and support I received from my Safari guide and Safari team was more than I could have every imagined. Even the small things meant a lot, such as the creative Leafy Sea Dragon(my Safari Team) taped outside my door with my name on it. The whole week was filled with getting acquainted with the beautiful campus, learning about myself, and gaining friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. I learned where important locations were on campus, smart tools to survive my classes, how to handle stress, and gain life-long friends through the entire week. Also, the beginning of my transition to college was a very vulnerable time for me.

Leafy Sea Dragons of 2014

Leafy Sea Dragons of 2014

Because of that, I was truly blessed to have my Safari Guide teach me the ways of getting around campus, the what not and what to dos, and just how to make it through my first year. The support of my fellow safari participants, safari leader, and core guide really gave the the inspiration and push to make it through my first semester of college with a spark that never died out. I have and will continue to tell ANY incoming freshman to go through Leadership Safari. Being a step ahead at the beginning of the year gets you that much closer to the finish line!


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